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Pride in Service

Stemming from Banning’s Bikes, East West Bikes has become the premier bicycle boutique of North Orange County. We take pride in selecting the products based on design integrity, functionality, and aesthetics. Because of our tight relationship with the cycling community and our close ties to our manufactures, we are able to provide a wide selection of bicycles, components, clothing, and accessories that we believe in and ride everyday.

At East West Bikes, we all work as a team to provide an unparalleled service in each phase of your bicycle purchase. We want the customer to receive all of the benefits and resources of our team. While we all agree on a few things, we have a diverse set of opinions and likes and dislikes. It is to the benefit of the customer to have access to the entire team!


Meet Eric

Eric Popiel joined the bicycle industry having spent about a dozen years working in risk management / commercial insurance. Although it was quite a shift, Eric really wanted to follow his dream and focus on his passion for bikes. Eric joined Banning’s in 2009 and the early seeds of the partnership developed shortly thereafter. While his still rides on the dirt a little bit, Eric is really a roadie by anyone’s measurement. He has been involved in racing, charity rides, and club events; but his true identity is that of a cycling enthusiast. Eric is typically found on in East West most mornings before the shop opens, often with friends and customers. At the shop, Eric can be found transacting a sale, handling our orders, following up on warranty matters, building a bike, or taking out the garbage. Sometimes colorful, sometimes surly, but always passionate and dedicated to whatever task he sets himself upon.


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