Road, Mountain & 'Cross


Make a well informed decision

We offer our customers beautiful and brilliantly engineered bikes, but their value and benefits are irrelevant if not built and adjusted perfectly.

We want the Service Department to offer each customer a clear understanding of what we feel the customer needs.  We feel that clear communication is key for the Service Department to provide the customer a really positive experience.  Further, we want to offer options in terms of different levels of repair, spare parts, and potential next steps.  We dedicate appropriate time and attention to each and every repair. Each bike is serviced by very experienced technicians using high quality tools. Our mechanics are capable of servicing all types of bikes.


Campagnolo Pro Shop

We are proud to be designated as a Campagnolo Pro Shop. We build and service many Campy equipped bikes. We are very capable of handling complex component (shifters, brake calipers, derailleurs, hubs, etc.) rebuilds. We endeavor to stock many spare parts and components produced by Camp. Further, we are capable of obtaining most service parts that we do not routinely keep in stock within a couple of days.




Do I need an appointment for my repair?

Appointments are not required but are always recommended.  We typically get our repair work done in about two to three days.  With an appointment, we can offer 24 hour turnaround.  This is especially the case when parts are required that we don’t have in stock that need to be ordered.


I have a vintage bike, can you repair it?

While the majority of what we service are modern bikes, we have fully capable of handing vintage repairs.  We certainly have the training and access to the types of spare parts that are typically required for vintage repairs.  There is nothing more fun that finishing a modern electric drivetrain repair before moving on to overall down tube shifters.

Can I rent a bike while you repair mine?

We do offer some high end demos / rental bikes while your bike is in the shop for service.  Each of our rentals stays true to the EWB spirit – a bike that we ourselves either do or would ride.


Is EWB equipped to handle mountain bike repairs?

While road bikes are the majority of what we sell and service, we are very capable in handling your mountain bike repair needs.  We have the training and expertise to service all the drivetrains, hydraulic disc brake systems, and many of the suspension systems.  We build lots of wheels and handle many tubeless conversions.


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