Road, Mountain & 'Cross


Make a well informed decision

We offer our customers beautiful and brilliantly engineered bikes, but their value and benefits are irrelevant if not built and adjusted perfectly.

We want the Service Department to offer each customer a clear understanding of what we feel the customer needs.  We feel that clear communication is key for the Service Department to provide the customer a really positive experience.  Further, we want to offer options in terms of different levels of repair, spare parts, and potential next steps.  We dedicate appropriate time and attention to each and every repair. Each bike is serviced by very experienced technicians using high quality tools. Our mechanics are capable of servicing all types of bikes.


Campagnolo Pro Shop

We are proud to be designated as a Campagnolo Pro Shop. We build and service many Campy equipped bikes. We are very capable of handling complex component (shifters, brake calipers, derailleurs, hubs, etc.) rebuilds. We endeavor to stock many spare parts and components produced by Camp. Further, we are capable of obtaining most service parts that we do not routinely keep in stock within a couple of days.



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